Our hand selected range of Australian timber slabs are intricately beautiful, sustainably sourced, one of a kind and are guaranteed to bring your special project to life.

Featured Slabs

SIZE: 3650 x 1200 to 1300


GREY GUM #1816

SIZE: 3100 x 530 to 570


BLUE GUM #3381

SIZE: 1770 x 400 to 700



SIZE: 1600 x 330 to 400


Our Species

Choose from a wide variety of sustainably sourced stunning Australia timber options.










Bring your project to life

You would not believe the stunning result timber can add to your project.

We assist interior designers, architects, carpenters, construction specialists & DIY’ers who are passionate about bringing their project to life with our unique selection of Australian Hardwood Timber. 

Some slabs pre-date to John Batman’s Settlement of Melbourne in the 1700’s.

Channel 9’s “The block” is considered by many as a benchmark for modern Australian design in construction. 

Every year the bar is set that little bit higher and it was to our delight that our sustainable timber has been featured several times on the Tv programme, including this stunning piece you see here from celebrity table maker Oakfield Designs.

Unique & Rustic Centerpiece

We work with many creatives who are constantly searching for a unique centrepiece for their interior design. 

Every piece of our timber is unique in it’s own special way and never fails to disappoint. Just like this incredible kitchen bench you can see here by Wood Steel & Stone.

Unexpected Design

Every week we are amazed with what our clients create with our sustainable hardwood timber.

We never thought that we would see a matching shelf and clock set! 

Proudly Sustainable & Ethical

Since 2019 The Australian Hardwood Company has grown into one of the largest timber slab suppliers in Victoria featured by the likes of Channel 9’s “The Block” and a host of Australia’s finest architects, designers and woodworkers. 

We thrive from our passion for sustainability! Our timber is salvaged sustainably from trees.

Our timber milling is powered by our on-site solar panels. Our company wide processes are carbon neutral utilising solar and water in lieu of oil and fuel.

Our team couldn’t be prouder of our company wide commitment to Sustainability.